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Shoulder pain is one of the most common and affects up to a quarter of all people in Ireland. The main cause of this pain is caused by Rotator cuff injuries.

Your rotator cuff is made up of a group of four muscles (the subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor) and their tendons. These muscles help keep your shoulder joint stable and also help with shoulder joint movement.

Your shoulder joint (also known as your glenohumeral joint) is a ball and socket joint made up of two bones. On top of your shoulder joint is a bony process of the scapula or shoulder blade called the acromion. In the gap between your shoulder joint and the acromion is a narrow space called the subacromial space. This is where your rotator cuff tendons pass through. In this space is a fluid-filled pad called the subacromial bursa, which cushions your tendons.

Rotator cuff injury is a general term to describe inflammation (soreness and swelling) or damage to one or more of the muscles, tendons or bursa that make up your rotator cuff. 

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital our consultants will help assess your injury and advise if physiotherapy or joint injections can be used to treat your injury. In some cases surgery may be the most effective treatment to help relieve your pain and our consultants will be able to advise you on the types of surgery that would best suit your conditions. 

Depending on your injury our surgeons are able to offer different types of surgery to suit you needs:

Open surgery 

The surgeon makes a cut in the skin over your shoulder and repairs your injury through the cut. 

Shoulder arthroscopy

keyhole surgery that can be used to look inside and treat your shoulder joint. This is usually done under general anaesthesia but can also be done under local anaesthesia usually with sedation. Sedation in local anaesthesia blocks pain from your shoulder area and you will stay awake during the operation. 

Mini-open surgery

A combination of arthroscopy and repair through a small cut that is usually 3 to 5cm long. 

Our expert surgeons will be able to give you advice on which type of surgery you will need for your condition when you attend for an appointment. 

If you require further information on the available options, please do not hesitate to contact us via our online enquiry form.

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