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At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we can provide knee arthroscopy to investigate problems that are affecting the knee such as inflammation or injury, or to repair damaged tissue and cartilage. It’s also used to take small tissue samples (biopsies), which can help to diagnose problems such as infection.

Knee arthroscopy is performed through small cuts in your skin, using a special telescope (arthroscope) attached to a video camera which our surgeons use to diagnose any problems in the joint. Compared with open surgery, arthroscopy has a faster recovery time. 

Alternatives to Knee Arthroscopy

Not everyone who has a knee problem may necessarily need to have an arthroscopy. Our Orthopaedic consultants may diagnose your knee problem using physical examination, an X-ray or an MRI scan. An MRI scan provides a more in-depth image compared to X-ray and uses magnets and a radio frequency current to produce images of the inside of your body. Some problems can be treated using physiotherapy and medicines. 

Your consultant will explain all options that are available to you at your appointment. 

*Prices accurate as of 1st May 2019 and may be subject to change.

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