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At Kingsbridge Private Hospital we can help you find the information and support you need to help you if you have been suffering from an injured or long-term knee problem.

Have you injured your knee or have a long-term knee problem?

One of the options available at our hospital is an ACL reconstruction. This involves replacing the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee using a tendon from another part of the body. ACL reconstruction can help improve the stability and the function of your knee, following an injury. 

At Kingsbridge Private Hospital our expert consultant surgeons will advise you if ACL reconstruction is suitable for you and advise you on all aspects of your surgery before your operation. If not suitable for this type of surgery, options such as Physiotherapy, exercises or a knee brace may be some of the recommended options which we can also provide. 

What is anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?

The ACL is a strong ligament that runs diagonally through the middle of your knee. It helps to keep your knee stable, especially when you turn, or when your knee joint moves from side to side. 

The ACL is one of the most common ligaments in the body to be injured. Usually it becomes torn when you slow down very quickly while turning or sidestepping at the same time. Sports such as basketball, football, rugby, skiing or other sports that involve force on the knee joint can put you at more risk of having a knee injury. In these cases ACL is a suitable treatment which can offer the possibility of returning to playing sport. 

ACL reconstruction involves replacing your torn ligament with a graft. The graft is usually taken from a tendon in another part of your body. Once the graft is in place and following recovery the knee should become stable again offering full movement. Other problems with your knee such as torn cartilages, other ligament injuries or arthritis may affect this and your consultant will discuss this with you at your appointment. 

*Prices accurate as of 1st May 2019 and may be subject to change.

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