National Men’s Health Awareness Week – 9th-15th June

9th, June 2014

Dr Roger Brown - General Practitioner with the 3fivetwo Group talks to us about men's health awareness for National Men's Health Awareness week - 9th-15th June...

Men are notoriously bad at talking about and looking after their health, which is why a shocking one in five die before the age of 65 in the UK.

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It is important at a time like Men’s Health week that Doctors and Nurses highlight to men that they address any health issues that they may have and encourage them to come forward for screening for health issues that they didn’t know that they had. This screening relates to many common and preventable diseases and conditions and may well save their lives. If you are a man, or are close to a man who is not a big fan of Doctors or looking after his health, please pay heed, even just this once!

There are some conditions which are relevant to men of all ages like testicular lumps, skin problems and stress, and some others that are really only an issue as men get older, like heart disease and prostate cancer. In a previous blog I have addressed some of these issues in some detail, pointing out that Irish men are at a high risk of skin cancers like melanoma as well as being at a higher risk of coronary artery disease which causes angina and heart attacks. I have addressed the issues surrounding Prostate Cancer, and what to look out for in many other cancers.

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What is important though is to acknowledge many “softer” signs of ill health or “softer” conditions like low mood, stress related anxiety, loss of confidence etc. This can impact on a man’s personal life, his relationships, his family life, and his work life. It is not usually acceptable for men to admit to or bring forward problems with mental health or coping, but it is a health issue just like the other health issues specific to men, and I would encourage men to  trust their Doctor enough to bring to him or her these issues too.  Stress can lead to depression and insomnia, relationship break down, work problems, etc. and cannot be ignored as an issue of modern life, so please deal with stress just like you would deal with other health issues, respecting it and managing it rather than ignoring it.

Our Doctors at the 3fivetwo Group have many years of experience in dealing with stress, but also have access to specialist counselling and therapies with both Psychologists and Psychiatrists available for more serious conditions.

There is also a specialist Prostate assessment clinic, a Healthy Heart screening examination and other specific clinics and specialist Consultants to deal with whatever men’s health problem that you might be having. Make this the week that you take a proactive step towards a healthier you. Call 3fivetwo today on 0845 60 06 352 or email to speak to a member of our dedicated team.

You can also find out more about men’s health via the Men’s Health Forum charity which has a variety of articles on men’s health. 

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