National Dental Hygiene Month - 2013

4th, October 2013

We caught up with Dental Hygienist, Fabiola Olival from Dental Excellence, part of The 3fivetwo Group to talk to her about maintaining and improving your dental hygiene.

This month is National Dental Hygiene month and what a perfect time to highlight how important dental hygiene is in helping keep a healthy mouth and healthy teeth.


We caught up with Dental Hygienist, Fabiola Olival from Dental Excellence, part of The 3fivetwo Group to talk to her about maintaining and improving your dental hygiene. Fabiola was shortlisted as Best Young Hygienist at DH&T Awards 2012.  


What is the difference between a clean with the dentist and a visit to the hygienist?


The hygienist as a dental care professional; works alongside the dentist as part of the team.  They are specially trained to provide excellent advice and care in order to keep gums and mouth healthy and in great condition.


Because we solely concentrate on a specific area of dentistry, we are the best ones to visit for professional dental cleanings.

At Dental Excellence I focus my time on helping you to improve your oral hygiene habits and techniques, I also provide home care plans tailored to your needs.  We have state of the art equipment, chair side monitors, neck pillows, relaxing spa music and scented candles that will make your experience more enjoyable.


Using the latest technology in a very friendly environment, I provide needle-free pain relief, high teeth stain removal techniques that preserve enamel, gum disease treatment and oral care for patients who have orthodontics, implants and cosmetic treatments.


What are the signs to look out for if your oral hygiene needs improvement?


Most of my patients come to me wondering how they can recognise any signs of gum problems. One of the main signs that are often dismissed is bleeding; most people overlook this and consider that bleeding gums are quite normal; in fact the opposite is true. There is also a misconception that bleeding gums are caused by trauma with the dental floss or electric toothbrushes. In fact, bleeding gums are a clear sign of inflammation and an underlying gum problem that needs to be addressed promptly.


Other signs that required quick attention and detailed assessment are: bad breath, tenderness, redness, excessive bleeding, tooth mobility or drifting of teeth and infection (pus).


If you are experiencing any of those signs, do not hesitate to arrange a consultation, with my experience, I can advise and outline the best treatment for you.  It is never too late to receive the care you always needed.


Why is oral hygiene so important?


Poor oral hygiene and other risk factors such as smoking, family medical history, poor diet are linked to gum disease, and the bacteria found in teeth and gums, can affect the overall health and play major roles in other conditions like heart disease, diabetes, dementia etc.


Our mouths are a portal to the rest of our bodies, that’s why, is so important to regularly visit the dentist and hygienist combined with great care at home. Prevention is always better than cure.


Foods you should avoid?


A balanced and rich diet can stimulate healthy teeth and gums. Avoiding high content sugary snacks and drinks will be ideal.  When the sugar intake and frequency is excessive and are a part of every meal and snacks, your teeth are constantly exposed to products that can cause tooth erosion and decay; so limiting the sugar to the main meals and having healthy snacks, can greatly reduce the risks of tooth decay.


Coffee, tea and red wine are the main contributors to staining, so reducing the intake is sensible. Teeth that have big restorations (fillings, crowns, etc.), root canals are usually weaker, so avoid chewing ice, and be extra careful when eating fruits that contains seeds.


Any other tips?


A good oral care habit and regime at home is essential.  Brush your teeth twice a day, paying attention to the technique and time spent is crucial. Daily flossing and interdental cleaning are must; they should be done at least once a day.


Don’t forget to visit your dentist regularly and as the lead Hygienist at Foyle Dental Spa (part of the Dental Excellence Group), I am very passionate about my role and I love to provide the best care to my patients. If you have any concerns about the health of your gums, I will guide you to achieve that perfect oral health you have always wanted.


Remember that a healthy mouth will be reflected in the way we feel and look, and there’s nothing that inspires more confidence than a clean fresh smile.



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