Harmony Test for Down's Syndrome detection

14th, June 2013

News outlets last week reported on a new test for Down's Syndrome currently on trial in the UK. What they failed to report is that this test is already available to expectant mothers and 3fivetwo Healthcare are the first to make it available in Ireland...


Last week news articles appeared on the BBC, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and other UK news outlets with information on a brand new blood test available to pregnant women offering them early detection of Down’s Syndrome.


What the media didn’t clarify was that this test has been available here in Northern Ireland for the past four months and 3fivetwo Healthcare is the proud provider, and the first in Ireland, to offer pregnant women the option to have the ‘Harmony’ test privately.


The Harmony Prenatal blood test is the latest test available for the early detection of Down’s Syndrome and other abnormalities. Not only is the test non-invasive; it causes no risk to your pregnancy, but it is also 99+% accurate in verifying that there are no chromosomal abnormalities that are linked to Down’s Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome.


Dr Samina Dornan, one of 3fivetwo’s Consultant Obstetricians and Gynaecologists advises women to have the test to reduce any doubt of risk to their unborn baby. One in 100 women who currently opt for the invasive amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) tests suffer a miscarriage after having the test. The Harmony test is non-invasive and a simple blood sample from the arm is all that’s needed to get a result.


Dr Dornan explains, “It is very important for women at risk to know the reality of their situation. Helping them know that their babies are healthy is a real joy, but giving them the time to understand and cope with an adverse diagnosis is equally, if not more crucial.”


“Standard screening for foetal abnormalities available under the health service in Northern Ireland is offered in the form of a scan at 20 weeks and a maternal blood test is offered in a number of maternity unites. However, they are not 100 percent accurate and a woman must then undergo either an amniocentesis or CVS test is she wants a definitive answer.”


Currently the test is not available on the NHS and trials in the UK have only been given the go ahead in Kings College Hospital in London and Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent.


At 3fivetwo Healthcare our relationships with worldwide expert diagnostic services and medical staff have allowed us to be the first in Ireland to offer this test. Samples are sent to a laboratory in San Jose in the US where chromosome levels are analysed and we are able to provide the results within 14-16 days.


Treatment includes consultations/counselling, ultrasound scan, blood test and your appointment with the consultant to communicate your result.


Visit our section on the Harmony test to find out more information:


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