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Commited to patient advocacy and safety

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Our commitment to delivering a Quality service is driven by our commitment to patient advocacy and safety.  Leadership drive our approach with all staff working collaboratively to ensure our patients and their families receive the best services possible. 

Data is gathered on an ongoing basis to identify problems, formulate programmes for improvement and to update policies and procedures. A key activity of the Hospital’s quality system is to gather relevant and reliable data to measure the effectiveness of the services provided and to benchmark with national and international standards when available. Key to this has been the manner in which the Hospital has strived to enhance its data collection capacity over the last number of years. 

The staff have made significant progress in establishing a hospital wide quality event reporting system. The Hospital recognises the need to enhance its capacity to analyse findings and to continue to source appropriate benchmarks and comparisons. Both the incident reporting and indicator programmes have provided valuable information to allow the Hospital to prioritise its quality goals.

Patients Opinions are of crucial importance to us at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.  We strive to accurately capture the Voice of the Patient.  It is thought that the information we receive helps us, not only to appraise the services we provide, but to hear firsthand the expectations of our patients. Data is obtained from patient feedback through various sources of information including our Patient Feedback forms and complaints process.

The Hospital is committed to the individual development of all hospital services but recognises that we must focus on optimising the performance of the entire system. A key element of this approach is to be aware of the Hospital’s own structures, processes and resources and how these interact. Each department is encouraged to identify a key area for improvement annually and to use a systematic approach to reach their goals.

Although we face challenging and changing times ahead we will continue to ensure that the culture of quality and patient safety which we have worked hard to achieve over the last number of years is maintained through a shared perception of its continued importance. 

Quality of Care and Patient Safety are considered core values in the daily work of all Clinical Health professionals and non clinical staff at Kingsbridge Private Hospital.  Joint Commission International (JCI) is the largest and most prestigious accreditation agency of Health Care worldwide and is the recognized leader in improving the quality of patient care.

Kingsbridge Private Hospital commitment to quality is demonstrated by our JCI Accreditation and is testament to the dedication of our staff.

Kingsbridge Private Hospital Quality Steering Committee was established as an organization wide committee to synthesise and coordinate quality activities of all staff groups within the hospital.

The main functions of the Quality Steering Committee include the following;

  • Oversee and set priorities for the quality programme

  • Monitor quality- related functions including policy development

  • Review reports from the various Hospital Committees and make recommendations regarding operational & quality of care issues

  • Refer issues/incidents to the appropriate teams, clinical services, departments or committees

  • Facilitate dissemination, discussion, and understanding of clinical and management Audit Data

Kingsbridge Private Hospital is committed to ensuring that the culture of quality and patient safety is at the centre of all we do.  This is a continuous process with a focus on improving care for our patients.

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