Visitor Information

Visiting hours are flexible throughout the day until 8pm. We ask that when visiting to be considerate to the needs of patients to rest and to the clinical team who need to carry out essential daily duties. 

There may be times when visitors will be asked to stay away so that clinical procedures can be performed or if the nursing staff decide that the patient needs rest.

As visitors are considered an important part of any patient’s recovery Kingsbridge Private Hospital actively encourages friends and relatives to visit their loved ones.

For children we encourage parents or guardians to stay with their child throughout their stay. If possible we will offer parents/guardians a bed in their child’s room.

Infection Control
Please do not visit a patient if you have a cold, symptoms of flu or other infectious diseases until you are better. 
Children may visit if accompanied by an adult.

Hand hygiene is a hugely important factor in preventing and controlling the spread of infections. Hand Gel is available at the entrance to the hospital and outside each patient’s room. Please apply prior to and on leaving the hospital and also before and after you leave a Patient’s Room.

Patient confidentiality is given paramount importance at Kingsbridge Private Hospital. Information given over the phone to a relative/friend will only be offered to those designated by the Patient on Admission.


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