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For queries regarding any services please contact us on 071-91 62649



A consultant Anaesthetist provides General, Spinal and Epidural anaesthetsia as required.



A range of dermatological procedures are available including cryosurgery, skin biopsy, excision of lesions and curettage of lesions


Dentist/Oral Surgeon

Dental extractions, Surgical removal of teeth, retained roots, Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth, surgical exposure of impacted teeth, Excision of oral soft tissue swellings/lesions, Placement of dental implants in mandible/maxilla


Ear Nose and Throat

Examination under anaesthesia of Ears, Grommets, Adenoidectomy, Nasal Cautery, Tonsillectomy. Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Nasal Polypectomy, Release of tongue tie, Pinnaplasty


Echocardiogram (ECHO)

An Echocardiogram is a noninvasive procedure that uses sound waves (ultrasound) to evaluate how well the heart is working.


Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An Electrocardiogram is a noninvasive test that records the electrical activity of the heart



Endoscopy helps diagnose and treat conditions of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract – areas such as the oesophagus, the stomach, the colon, the bowel.



A range of Endoscopy procedures are available including a Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy,  injection of hemorrhoids


General Surgeons

A range of procedures are available including the following;

  • Hernia repair – Inguinal, Incisional, Femoral, Umbilical,
  • Circumcision
  • Varicose Veins
  • Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy



Services include Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, and injection of hemorrhoids



Services include Laparoscopy , Hysteroscopy, Dilatation and Curettage,  Removal/insertion mirena coil, Cervical smear, Colposcopy and Cystoscopy



Holter Monitor

Holter monitoring is a continuous, 24/48 hour electrocardiographic recording of the heart’s rhythm.


Heart & Vascular Outpatients Clinic

Consultation, follow up and routine non-invasive testing services are available


KeyHole Surgery

A keyhole procedure is used to diagnose and treat conditions in the abdomen or pelvic area.  It is a modern surgical technique in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions as opposed to the larger incisions needed in laparotomy.  Keyhole surgery makes use of images displayed on TV monitors to magnify the surgical elements.



Laparoscopy is a keyhole procedure used to diagnose and treat conditions in the abdomen or pelvic area



Services: IV – Intravenous infusions, Steroids, EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies



Services: Arthroscopy, Carpal Tunnel, Various Lesions, Mortons Neuroma’ Trigger Finger, Joint injection, Shoulder Arthroscopy, In Grown Toe Nail



At Kingsbridge Private Hospital Sligo we provide treatment for children with a range of common conditions from 2 years. Most of these are available as a day case procedure and are fully covered by a range of health insurance plans.



Kingsbridge Private Hospital has a physiotherapy service available to patients as an inpatient or an outpatient. The physiotherapy department aims help patients reach the maximum potential for their physical needs and abilities.
Direct access to appointments – no referral necessary Please contact Siobhan Moran and Marie Heraughty 071-91 50495


Plastic Surgery

Kingsbridge Private Hospital offers a range of Plastic Surgery Services. These services include;

  • – Paediatric and Adult Craniofacial Surgery,
  • – Paediatric Plastic Surgery,
  • – Skin Cancers,
  • – Cosmetic Surgery,
  • – Skin Lesions,
  • – Breast Surgery,
  • – Hand Surgery Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

For more information or to arrange an appointment for his Sligo Clinic, please call 071 9190368.


Pain Treatments

At the initial consultation, we identify the most appropriate treatment plan.  A wide range of treatments are available including:

  • – Nerve Blocks
  • – Spinal & Epidural Anaesthesia
  • – Muscle Injections
  • – Ligament Injections
  • – Bursa Injections
  • – Joint Injections
  • – Pain Control Injection by Ultrasound

For more information on treatments available please contact the Pain Clinic on 071- 9162649

Referral & Appointments

Access to the service is by referral from a GP, Physician or Physiotherapist only.

We request that a letter of referral along with all other relevant records be forwarded to your Consultant prior to the initial appointment.




Kingsbridge Private Hospital have 5 Radiologists who provide a diagnostic imaging service at Kingsbridge Private Hospital Sligo.


Sleep Clinic

This clinic offers a readily accessible pathway to a range of diagnostic and treatment options for several sleep related problems . One such issue is Sleep Apnoea, a common and potentially serious disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts as you sleep. Although sleep apnoea is treatable, it often goes unrecognized. Learning how to identify the warning signs, how to distinguish it from normal snoring, is the first step to overcoming sleep apnoea and getting a good night’s sleep.

This chronic sleep deprivation results in daytime sleepiness, slow reflexes, poor concentration, and an increased risk of accidents. Sleep apnoea can also lead to serious health problems over time, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and weight gain. But with treatment you can control the symptoms, get your sleep back on track, and start enjoy being refreshed and alert every day.




Services: Cystoscopy (flexible and rigid), Circumcision, Urethral Dilatation, Ureteric stent insertion and removal, Inguinal and Scrotal Surgery, Prostate Biopsy, Bladder Biopsy, Non-Surgical Urolift System for Enlarged Prostate (BPH).


Ultrasound/Diagnostic Imaging

Kingsbridge Private Hospital Radiology department provides a wide range of imaging options, technologically advanced techniques coupled with sub-specialist radiological opinion. Our team of 4 Consultant Radiologists, deliver imaging, with expertise in a diverse field of sub-specialities

Varicose Vein Clinic

Suffering from varicose veins?  We are now running a new Varicose Vein Clinic.

Come and meet Prof. Tubassam, one of Ireland’s leading vascular surgeons and find out more about the latest treatment available for varicose veins – Radio Frequency Ablation from ClosureFast.

This minimally invasive, walk-in/walk-out procedure can be performed under local anesthetic with no surgical incision resulting in less pain, less bruising and a faster recovery time.

So why wait?

Call us (071) 916 2649 or email to book your consultation

The ClosureFast procedure frequently asked questions

Q: Is the ClosureFast procedure painful?
A: Most patients report feeling little, if any, pain during the ClosureFast procedure. Your physician should give you a local or regional anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

Q: How quickly can I resume normal activity?
A: Patients treated with the ClosureFast procedure may resume normal activities more quickly than patients who undergo surgical vein stripping or laser ablation. With the ClosureFast procedure, the average patient typically resumes normal activities within a few days. For a few weeks following the treatment, your vein specialist may recommend a regular walking regimen and suggest you refrain from very strenuous activities (heavy lifting, for example) or prolonged periods of standing.

Q: How soon after treatment will my symptoms improve?
A: Most patients report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms within one to two weeks following the procedure.

Q: Is there any scarring, bruising, or swelling after the procedure?
A: Most patients report limited to no scarring, bruising, or swelling following the ClosureFast procedure using the ClosureFast™ catheter.

Q: How is the ClosureFast procedure different from endovenous laser?
A: Although the ClosureFast procedure and 980 nm endovenous laser ablation are both minimally invasive procedures, a comparative, multicenter study showed that the ClosureFast procedure was associated with statistically significant lower rates of pain, bruising, and complications. Patients undergoing the ClosureFast procedure also reported improvements in quality of life measures up to four times faster than patients treated with 980 nm endovenous laser ablation.

Q: How is the ClosureFast procedure different from vein stripping?
A: During vein stripping, incisions are made in the groin and calf, and a tool is threaded through the diseased vein to pull the vein out of the leg. With the ClosureFast procedure, only one small incision is made at the insertion site and the vein is then treated and left in place. This minimally invasive approach reduces the likelihood of pain and bruising associated with vein stripping surgery. If so, you may be suffering from chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). More than 30 million people are affected by varicose veins or CVI in the U.S., with only 1.9 million seeking treatment annually, leaving the vast majority undiagnosed and untreated. Without treatment, those with the disease may experience progressive symptoms, such as swollen legs, skin damage and/or ulcers that can be debilitating and significantly impact their quality of life. Fortunately, with proper treatment, that outcome is preventable.


Vasectomy Clinic

Kingsbridge Private Hospital is now offering a Vasectomy Clinic. A Vasectomy is the only method offering men a permanent contraception solution with over 99% effectiveness.

A vasectomy does not require an overnight stay and men opting to have a vasectomy will be reassured to know that the procedure is usually carried out in around 10 minutes by our experts.

Before choosing to have a vasectomy it is important to be sure that it is right for you. Vasectomies are reversible under some conditions but success is not guaranteed and surgery is required in order to perform a reversal. For this reason it is important to look at a vasectomy as a permanent contraceptive method.

A vasectomy may be appropriate for you if:

  • You and your partner do not plan to have any more children.
  • You and your partner don’t want to have children and you can’t or don’t want to use temporary methods of family planning
  • You want a permanent, one time method of contraception.
  • You (or your partner) have a medical condition that limits the use of other family planning methods.
  • You want to enjoy sex without fear of pregnancy.
  • How Is A Vasectomy Performed?

A vasectomy is performed by one of our medical experts. It is extremely quick and straightforward and is performed on the same day. The procedure involves sealing the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm. This stops sperm entering ejaculated fluid.

Will Vasectomy Affect My Sex Drive?

A vasectomy will not affect your sex drive. The procedure does not affect the production of male hormones in the body. Following a vasectomy a man will continue to enjoy sex, and produce the same amount of fluid when he ejaculates. The only difference is that ejaculate will no longer contain sperm.

How Effective Is A Vasectomy?

Vasectomy is over 99% effective, so it and female sterilisation are the most reliable forms of contraception. After a vasectomy samples are required to ensure that the vasectomy has been successful.

During this period it is recommended that you use an alternative form of contraception such as condoms to prevent the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. Once your samples show no sperm, you can stop using alternative contraceptives.

Remember, a vasectomy offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections or HIV/AIDS.

Any Other Considerations?

· You will need to avoid contact sports and heavy physical exercise for at least four weeks after a vasectomy
· You will also need to avoid short haul flights for 48 hours and long haul flights for 7-10 days after a vasectomy


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