Infection Control

Kingsbridge Private Hospital takes a very serious and zero tolerance approach to infection and are pro active in its prevention. We have an Infection Control Nurse who overseas all aspects of infection control.

Steps that we take to prevent infection within Kingsbridge Private Hospital include:

  • Hand hygiene facilities available for all persons entering and leaving the hospital
  • All staff are given annual training updates
  • A high standard of environmental cleaning
  • We screen high risk patients for resistant organisms that can cause illness
  • Antimicrobial Advice

Prevention of infection

We strive at Kingsbridge Private Hospital to minimise the risk infection for our patients.  The Infection Prevention and Control Committee is continually developing new programmes and initiatives to reduce incidents of infection.  The include:

  • All patients especially those at-risk are monitored upon admission for infection
  • Any infections which are acquired in hospital are monitored by procedure and by surgeon
  • Infection rates within Kingsbridge Private Hospital are exceptionally low and substantially lower when benchmarked against national rates
  • Strict decontamination polices and procedures are adhered to


Patient’s Role in Preventing Infection

There are certain things that you as a patient can do in order to further reduce the risk of infection:


Handwashing is considered the most important method of preventing the spread of infection.

  • If you are ever worried that someone has forgotten to wash their hands, it’s ok to remind them. It is important for you to wash your hands as well, especially after using the toilet and before touching your operation site. Don’t forget to remind your visitors to wash their hands or use the disinfecting gel when visiting you
  • If you currently have or experienced in the past a hospital acquired infection such as MRSA, or if you develop symptoms that you suspect may be infection related please contact the hospital prior to admission to avoid any delays while you are in hospital
  • Ask friends or family who have colds, stomach bugs or other infections not to visit
  • We would like to ask your visitors not to sit on your bed or on other patients beds
  • Do not walk around in your socks or bare feet. Always wear safe shoes or slippers

With these few basic reminders, together we can keep Kingsbridge Private Hospital a safe environment for everyone.

If you have any additional information requirements please contact Siobhan Meehan, Infection Control Nurse on 071-9150417.

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